About Us

Schoollunches.co.nz came about due the frustrations in the mornings of trying to get my children ready for school, day care and still getting to work on time, without having to worry about school lunches on top of that.


Opening the cupboards and finding nothing for school lunches , the thought of having to scramble trying to find envelopes, the correct change and lunch order lists did not alleviate the pressure of the mornings. I found myself simply stopping at the local dairy around the corner and "picking something up”. One such morning, walking out of the dairy feeling guilty about the food I have just bought my children for their school lunches, I thought there had to be a better way!


I am a mum to 4 little ones and realise in years to come I am going to have my children at 3 different schools at 3 completely separate locations. What on the earth was I going to do in this situation then! Why couldn’t there just be somewhere you could quickly order school lunches for all the children in one place. Pay online and Done. No more envelopes, scrambling around for the correct change or hoping the money and order make it to where they are supposed to.


There came about Schoollunches.co.nz.


We want to make it easier to order your school lunches in the mornings and because we work in conjunction with your current school lunch providers, everything is familiar, just easier!


Our vision is to have a way busy parents can organise all the school lunches for all their children, pay online and have the food delivered to their classes or waiting at the tuck shop for them at lunchtime, all from one place.